Revealed : Kangana Ranaut was paid ONLY 3 crore for Rangoon

Kangana Ranaut who made tall claims of being the highest paid actress by quoting 11 crores as her signing fee for Rangoon has spoken a blatant LIE!


It is revealed that Kangana was paid ONLY 3 crores for the film, which is nearly 1/4th of the amount quoted by Kangana and her team.


The actress who time and again went on record calling herself the highest paid actress of Bollywood, took support of lies to create false public perception.


The question here remains, what made Kangana Lie? Was it a positioning strategy against her competitor Deepika Padukone who is currently the highest paid Bollywood actress? Was it a plain Publicity stunt? It is surprising, that Kangana who is known for her outspoken and fierce nature took shelter of lies and gave out false information to her audience.


Last week, Kangana’s real age was revealed bringing to public knowledge yet another uncalled of Lie. Her passport copy which went viral, showed that the actress is running 31 years of age and not 29 as claimed. Kangana who had celebrated her 29th Birthday in the beginning of the year was trolled and called out largely for her lie.


The actress faced a lot of criticism and wrath from the digital audience and media alike for her audacious lies spoken publicly.


Now that Kangana’s Lies have been caught, we wonder what story will she cook to support her false claims? Over to you Ms. Ranaut!